Menteşe is an important agricultural production centre in Turkey. Fertilizer application irrigation, disinfection and modern agriculture tools are used. Grains, citrus fruits, and manufactured products such as cotton and tobacco, wheat, barley, corn, broad bean, sesame and aniseed constitute to the major agricultural productions.

Vegetable gardening is progressing with green housing and early growing becoming widespread. All the asparagus production is made in Menteşe. Also, cabbage, leak, spinach, aubergine, cucumber, tomato, green bean, pepper, onion, broad bean and cauliflower products are sent to other cities, Izmir and İstanbul. Menteşe is leading cities when it comes to fruit growing. Roughly 100.00. tones of olives are collected from 15 million olive trees in a year. 80% of olive production is made in Milas. The number of tangerin trees is over 2 million. Mandarins, oranges and lemonsare grown in this area. There are 200 thousand pistachio trees in Menteşe. There are plenty of grapes, apples, pears, peaches, pigs, almond and grapefruit trees in the region. Menteşe is ranked 2nd for Sesame and 4th for tobacco plantation (after Izmir, Manisa and Samsun)


Gold Medal and Outstanding Taste Award for Milas's Olive Oil

Ali Osman Mentese received a gold medal and outstanding taste award for Mentese Som Olive Oil