Adapted form the Frank Miller's novel called ''Battle of Termopylae'', '300 Spartans' the movie has created a lot of reaction by movie lovers from all over the world. Directed by Zack Snyder, '300 Spartans' was brought to the cinemas in Turkey in March 16th and received big applause by the commendators. As a result of the positive criticism, the second part of the flim was decided 4 years ago, the director of The sequel Noam Monro. The name of the film is thought to be ''300 The Battle of Artemisia' and finally '300 The Rise of an Empire'' has been decided.

The film which takes part in an important role in the history of World Cinema is being planned to be shot in the South Aegean shores of Greece and Bodrum. For this reason, the preparations and the intensive research have already started in these areas by the film-producers. 300 Spartans will be the guests of Bodrum in May or June and are likely to arouse curiosity.