Bodrum Castle is built on a rocky area between the two ports. In ancient times, it was an island, it is formed as a peninsula as it is connected to the town. Different country names are given in different towers inside of the Castle. The height of the tower known as the French is 47.50 m altitude from the sea. The other towers are Italian Tower, German Tower, Serpentine Tower and British Tower. Serpentine Tower also known as Spanish Tower. It was used as a prison during the period of the Sultan II. Abdulhamid. By adding the construction of baths into the Castle was the structure of the Ottoman Empire during the time of prison. Bodrum Castle has become a Museum Governorship in 1964, it also was called the Museum Of underwater archaeology Museum in 1979. The artefacts in the Museum are Turkish bath, Amphora Exhibit, Eastern Roman Ship, Glass Rooms, Glass-shipwreck, Coins, Jewellery Rooms, a Carian Princess Hall, English Tower, Torture and Slaughter Rooms and the German Tower are exhibited. It is built on 33.5 acres of land, artefacts are also exhibited outdoor area.

The Museum has been awarded "Special Praise" at the Museum of the year award in Europe in 1995.