A sarcophagus and its finds were found during the basic excavation in 1989. They are exhibited at the Axe Tower, the Queen Ada Hall. A model of the Carian Princess represents her splendour at the narrow edge within the niche. The model has a single piece of her raw silk dress 'peplosu' with gold ornaments and blue beads on a blue belt. Stone carved sarcophagus is exhibited at the right of the hall. The skeleton of the Carian Princess in the sarcophagus is on display.

A cup (oinokhoe) black glazed with clover-mouth is exhibited in a small niche between the burial chamber and sarcophagus. A pitcher that filled three glasses of wine was most likely one of the deceased most favourite property. When you approach the Carian Princess, whole hall is lightened to showcase the niches. The Princess's jewellery consists of the Queen's three rings, two bracelets Golden Crown and two necklaces are exhibited in other niches.

A 4 minutes-video documentary illustrates the excavation of the Carian Princess and can be watched at the entry of the Hall. According to the documentary, the skeleton has been reconstructed to her original body form by the chief Dr. John Prag, the University of Manchester, Director of Archaeology Museum and Dr. Richard Neave and his team the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, Faculty of Medicine.