The most important place in the city walls of Halicarnassus is Myndos gate. This is one of the entrance gates into the city and was built around 360 BC. This is the gate that Alexander the Great's troops were not able to pass through because of the ditches dug in front of the gate.

The vaulted tombs of the Hellenistic and Roman periods are located around the gate. The actual burial chambers are under the vault. Most of them were opened by Newton in the last century. Terracotta sarcophagi were revealed inside. The west walls of the city have been supported by the towers as they passed through the plain. The valleys in the west of the city towers, the two gates of Myndos have remained at there original height to the present day. This gate has been known as Myndos gate because of its direction to the ancient city of Myndos at the far end of the peninsula. Its local name is also Diktiri.