Bodrum Cup ERA , a wooden sailing yacht race is organised every year by Bodrum Sailing Club. The main goal of the Cup is to improve the abilities and the knowledge of sailing of the captains and the crews of Bodrum's charters . This race is also a celebration of the ending of the season at the same time. It is a nice opportunity to come together in a friendly atmosphere for those charters that have already completed their own journeys.

The BODRUM CUP is organised in the third week of every October since 1989. Another purpose of the Cup, is to extend the season for the guests who are travelling on the competing yachts. Turkish or foreign-flagged, private or not, many of the yachts are to race in their appropriate categories.

In addition to the thrill of the competition, all participants at the end of each day enjoy listening to the memories of the sailor men and entertainment when the yachts anchor side-by-side, watching Bodrum's wooden yacht fleet is an unforgettable image.