Camel Wrestling is a common event in the Aegean region, it is a festival being held in the winter months. This event protecting the traditional Aegean structure was firstly held in Aydın, is known in the history books. Wrestling being held in the winter months is because of Tülü (male of camel) are getting mad during the months of December to March.

Tülü is a male camel born from a female camel with one hump that has mated with a male camel with two humps, they descend from wrestling camels. Camel Wrestling follows the traditional rules which have not been changed so far. The festivals are accompanied with glamorous and colorful ornament forms, drums, zurnas and zeibeks. The bells hanging on the camels make noise that adds to the festivals atmosphere. Camel wrestling is done in 4 sections such as Ayak (Feet), Orta (Middle), Basaltı, and Bas (Head).

Triumph by escaping; it is when a camel makes the other camel scared by its massive body.

Screaming; establishing a wrestling game that leaves his competitor in a difficult situation, the winning camel celebrates by screaming

Breaking Down; it breaks down the other camel by trapping it under his knees and it becomes the winner.

Muşat, Scissors, Arm, Full, Half, Flat hook, Hook, etc are some of the games of Camel Wrestling. Throughout the festivities each camel wrestles for 10 or 15 minutes once a day.