Bitez coastline is a meeting point for Windsurfers. It is a typical Bodrum village hosting houses hidden in the mandarin gardens with tourist facilities set along the beach. You can get to Bitez in 15 minutes by bus from Bodrum centre.

Its name is mentioned in the famous “Cökertme” folk song and Bitez means garden in Greek and is 8-10 km away from Bodrum. It is located in the second main bay after Gumbet amongst Bitez Yalısı, Bagla and Ada Burnu. It extends until the highest point of Ovuklu Hill on the peninsula and you can watch all tones of green. Tangerine, olive trees spreading over wide area starts from Yalı make Bitez one of the most colourful places and beautiful corners of Bodrum. People who live in Bitez are peaceful with the sea and earn their income from these lands. In winter, the number of residents are quite low. Bitez is very close to Bodrum and provides the opportunity for you to join with both its more energetic life style and the tranquil side of life as well.

The hotels and the restaurants set along the coastline welcome holidaymakers from the spring months. The summer houses of Bodrum local people were in Bitez, nowadays it is quite changed. Centuries old trees offer their shades to the tourists who come from all over the world. Accommodation facilities such as pensions, apart hotels and luxury hotels are available for all budgets. There are many good restaurants, decorated very nicely. Yalı, the coastline is a long beach and is open to the public. Adaburun, the east part of the beach is not suitable for swimming, the beach towards the west is better for swimming. According to experts, Bitez beach is one of the most suitable corners of the world for windsurfing. Morning winds and afternoon breezes provide a suitable environment for sailing and windsurfing. This speciality of the area attracts many windsurfers from the different parts of the world.