Bodrum is one of the Mediterranean cities where life spends most of time on the streets. The bottom floor of Bodrum houses do not generally have windows or doors. Because the town was a busy port and was attacked many times from the sea throughout history, so they were tired to rebuilt them. Traditional handicrafts and food are produced at houses have, high-walled stone courtyards to share with the visitors. All tourists would like to buy antique sandals certificated as ‘Bodrum Sandal’. Glass beads are also produced using the same methods for thousands of years. By combining traditional production techniques of the ancient period and the traditional Turkish beads would be "Eye Eye", to protect them from evil. Carpets, weaving, wood carvings and pottery from the artists reflect thousands of colours of the peninsula into their works, these can be seen in the markets. There are designated markets according to the name of the day like the other parts of Turkey. You will find cheaper prices for both authentic gift items as well as the suitable fresh fruits and vegetables in these markets.

The names of the markets and days follow as

Mondays: Türkbükü

Tuesdays: Bodrum (just clothes, gifts,etc), Gölköy

Wednesdays: Ortakent, Gündogan

Thursdays: Yalikavak

Fridays: Konacık

Saturdays: Turgutreis (most popular one in Bodrum peninsula)

Sunday: Gumbet, Yaliciflik