Two consecutive bays which are located at the north of the peninsula are the most popular ones for entertainment and leisure in recent years in Turkey. Golturkbuku which is 14 km away from Bodrum gets its new name in 2001. We offer you more detailed information here as two separate parts.

Golkoy is built on the ruins of Caryinda the ancient city which is 20 km away from the surrounding of Bodrum with tangerine groves and olive trees are like a necklace. It was a lake then was a swamp and the mosquitoes made it not a popular place by then. Today Golkoy is the most popular place. Many of the village houses are between the water cisterns. The early Caryinda ancient city was established on Salih Island and then later settlements were in Golkoy. A few ruins of the ancient city remains are there today. The pine forest between Torba-Golkoy contributes natural specialities to the area. Many beautiful cafés and hotels are set along the beach front. Golkoy becomes very popular due to many luxury restaurants and Beach Clubs that have been established recently


Places to see:


Rock tombs located around the lake in Golkoy

Bird watching at Golkoy Wetlands.

Emre Kunt Museum of historical figures and models.

Established Turkbuku market on Mondays.

Established Golkoy market on Tuesdays.