Gumbet is just 2 km away from Bodrum, it is very popular for all because it is close to Bodrum. It is quite a crowded holiday destination in the summer months. It is possible to find various kinds of accommodation ranging from pensions, apart hotel to luxurious hotels in Gumbet. It is possible to do all kinds of water sports on the coast. In recent years, it has changed, many hotels, restaurants, night clubs and bars have been built. We can say Gumbet is competing with Bodrum with regard to night outs. Most young people come to Gumbet, a large number of British tourists are popular here. It reminds you of a English town as English signs and British people are everywhere even in the winter months. Many of the restaurants are on the beach in Gumbet, they are parallel streets with many restaurants, bars and shops selling textile products and souvenirs. Restaurants usually offer international cuisine.

Places to see :

Visit the windmills.

Watch the scenery from top of the Haremtan Hill.

Visit the Sunday market

Things to do !

Go to Bar Street at night

Do water sports

Swim in the sea along the coast all day.