Ortakent Yahsi, is a town of the Bodrum district of the Mugla province in the Aegean region. Ortakent's old name was Müskebi or locally pronounced as 'Müsgebi. The municipality of Ortakent-Yahsi was founded in 1999. According to the legend, the name of Ortakent comes from the blooms of tangerine trees. The scent of tangerines spreads over the town especially in spring and it smells incredibly beautiful. It has been called Müskebi for a long time but its location on the Bodrum Peninsula has been called ‘Ortakent’.

Approximately 30 minutes by minibus from Bodrum. Beach front restaurants, suitable prices for accommodation and is an attractive resort for summer months. You can see the camels on the Kargı Beach and have a ride. However, the excavations of Muskebi Myken cemetery were revealed by the leader of Prof. Dr. Yusuf Boysal in Ortakent.