Bardakci Bay is the neighbouring port of Bodrum which is one of the most attractive and calm beaches that attracts local and international tourists. According to the legend, Hermaphrodite sees his own image in the clear pond, he falls in love with his own image, the water nymph combines both of them forever, so was born Hermaphrodite. Today there are luxury hotels, small pensions and restaurants along the beach.

Aspat Mountain is in Aspat Bay. There is an old path taking you up to the peak of the mountain. The ruins of an old castle and the early civilization are at the peak. When you go up the hill you will find the best place to watch Aspat Bay. This bay was used as the main port of the Termera Kingdom.

Kargı Bay (Camel Beach) is quite sheltered and has a sandy beach. Camel Beach is a haunt for daily boat trips. Riding on a camel is a traditional thing to do.