Yalikavak is 18 km away from Bodrum and is located at the north east of the peninsula. A journey made from Bodrum to Yalıkavak, the windmills on the hills have famous views of Yalıkavak Bay. It was a sponge village before, the famous sponge-divers lived in Yalıkavak but now it is the most important tourism resort. The windmills on the hills and the beautiful bays, beaches and new tourist facilities have come into prominence in resent years. The history of Yalıkavak dates back to 2000 BC and the first residents were the Leleges according to research. Rock tombs and the city walls are the witness of the richness in history of Yalıkavak. Besides, Pasa, Tilkicik, Agacbası bays and Küdür peninsula have spectacular views. Unique beaches, many exclusive restaurants and hotels that attract many domestic and foreign visitors. The population immigrated from Sandima Village to this port, Yalıkavak has become a very important place. It was called Yalıkavak in 1923 and it became a municipality due to the increase in its population. Güllük Gulf is the last port before the Bay of Mandalya, it makes Yalıkavak a very important yacht tourism centre. Geris village on the south hill of Yalıkavak has interesting houses and unique scenery worth visiting.

You can go to Sandima village for morning walks which is 2 km away from Yalıkavak. The village consists of stone houses that look like they are abandoned and has very nice panoramic scenery. If you are not staying in a hotel, you can have your breakfast at the restaurant on the pier.

Places to see in Yalıkavak,

Sandima Village,

Koyun Baba Bay,

Tangerine Groves,


Rock Tombs.

Things to do :

Watch Sunset,

Watch Yalıkavak from Geris village,

Boat trip,

Watch Camel Wrestling,

Get information about the Mediterranean seals,

Joining the Windmill Culture as well as Art and Sport Festival in June.