Hamam Bay is one of the most favorite anchorages and is a must stop for blue voyages with its unique beauty. Locals here believe that Cleopatra used to swim here and named it after her. It’s open to question if she really did, but she surely would have loved the place if she had seen it! There are sunken ruins in the bay facing east between Kurtoglu Cape and the mainland. It’s not known if it’s a Byzantium abbey or a hammam. Rumour has it that he was a pirate and the ruins were a part of his mansion. Its silvery stones and walls are sunken into the blue sea. The surrounding of the bay is covered by pines and shrubs. Many indistinct ruins of structure can be seen. Kursunlu Bay is very convenient for the yachts to spend the night. The ancient city Lydae which can be reached by a half an hour walk from Yavansu and is a must to see for history lovers.