To the opposite of Tersane Island, when you get closer to the shores of Tasyaka Bay a drawing of a fish on a big rock welcomes you. You’ll be amazed to see it looking as lively as the first day it was drawn by Bedri Rahmi EYUBOĞLU (who was an esteemed master of Turkish literature, art and painting) during one of his famous blue voyages. As you anchor your boat at the bay that has the only spring in the area, you can visit to Lycian rock tombs and can stroll around pine trees. The words are not enough to tell about Tasyaka Bay, have a visit to see there.

Akbükü, the first stop from Gocek towards the islands has a distinct beauty with its slopes covered by the pine trees and with the sweet gum trees. If you head to the south, Boynuzbuku, Kille, Sarsala and Kapıdag peninsula which is surrounded by many various bays are popular stops for blue cruises.