The name of the island was known as Nicola Island in ancient times. Gemiler island located across a small bay which is surrounded by pine trees at the end of the road extends from Kayakoy to the east and the olive trees take their name from this bay. With a very convenient Strait formed by the island to shelter the yachts can be sailed to from Kayakoy as well as departures from Fethiye Gulf by sailing along its left coastline after Knights island, you can  to get to the island by blue voyage including the capes of Sahin and Iblis.
Despite many remains on the island spreading into the sea, there is no precise information about its history. The monastery remains from the Byzantine and early Christian periods and the ruins of cisterns on the seaside are the most important ones amongst the remains. Although some part of the tunnel between the two churches were demolished, it is one of the most interesting monuments on the island. The holes in the staircase in the tunnel have 17 stops and rumoured to be inspired by Christ who had a rest 17 times during his Crucifixion.
During the earthquakes that took place between 240-241 BC. Two meters of island were under water and this is understood from the ruins under the sea. The island is the most visitied by locals, international visitors and yachtsmen with its nature and its sparkling sea.