The old name of Kayaköy was Levissi. 450 houses are situated as not to block each others views. Each of two storey houses is no greater than 50 m2 at Kayaköy, usually in the lower floors of the two-storeys is the basement entrance where rain water from the roof and cisterns are collected. Besides the houses, there are many chapels amongst the houses, two big churchs, a school and one customs building.
4000 houses having approximately 25.000 inhabitants until 1922 with typical Mediterranean architecture made entirely of local stone features; its schools, its library, its small or large churches, hundreds of workshops, pharmacies making high commercial, social and culture livelihood. After the Treaty of Lausanne according to the agreement of "population exchange" signed between the Turkish and Greek Governments, Greek inhabitants of Kayakoy exchanged with Turkish inhabitants living in Western Thrace mutually. Kayakoy has been completely abandoned by the new owners from the Western Thrace after 1923, it is a ghost town nowadays.