Gocek is a pretty town and is located 35 km away from the west of Fethiye with numerous beautiful bays and it is a haunt for blue voyage yachts and boats with many beautiful islands close by. Daily boat trips are organised to two of the islands. Although fishing and mining were important sources of income for the locals, Gocek has been become the most important tourism centre for yachting and for recent investments of tourism over the few last years.
There are four important marinas for international yacht tourism. The islands and the bays taking part in the wide and shelter the gulf is one of the features of the region. Due to the banishing of the construction of multi-storey building, luxury hotels or pensions in the region cannot be built more than 2-storeys high. That's why, Gocek is such a tranquil and peaceful place.
Gocek has been successful in becoming a safe harbour and yacht tourism haunt. Its crystal clear sea, wonderful scenery, pine forests, its spectacular beaches and its bays attracts people to Gocek. It also increases its popularity of Gocek for holding Regatta twice a year.