A 14 km elegant road snaking through the pine trees of Fethiye to Oludeniz. A sudden eternal blueness encounters the end of the hill.  Belcekiz Bay is now standing in this blueness. As you walk towards the golden sandy beach stretching across the bay you will get to Kumburnu and Oludeniz Lagoons.
Oludeniz is like magic. It is calm and tranquil. It is covered by thin white sandy beaches without allowing any moss or stones into the sea. The blue conveys an extraordinary turquoise colour that reflects the sun light. Oludeniz that gets high votes and has come 1st in the completion of 'The World's Most Beautiful Beaches  launched on the internet by Bild, Germany's highest-circulation newspaper in 2006 is a valuable place to be admired all over the world.
To swim in Oludeniz which is warm sea whilst watching the lush pine forests ranging along the shores, all the tones of blue and green in this beauty lagoon. The foreland of Kumruburnu is slowly sinking and the area of Belcekız. To swim in Oludeniz, there is a fee.  However, you can swim without a fee between Belcekız and Oludeniz at the Kumburnu National Park. You can hires sunbeds and umbrellas as well as having lunch at one of the cafes and the restaurants. The parking area is free of charge. Water bicycles, canoes, water skis and banana inflatable’s are available for hire.
Many sports activities and events are held in Oludeniz which is one of the most natural beaches in Turkey. One of the most important is the Olympics of the world's famous air games. Babadag Mountain which is a suitable place for tandem paragliding