Yerkupe Cave and Yerkupe Plateau that have five separate natural water resources, wide meadows, its waterfall and its centuries-old pine trees are natural wonders. Oil wrestling is arranged at the end of June every year at this plateau. It is a kind of festival that is held with concerts and the shows, these attract many domestic and international tourists attention. Yerkupe Plateau also attracts sports clubs and sports enthusiasts in spring and summer months Yerkupe Cave located in the vicinity of the field, has been opened to the visitors by Municipality’ facilities. The Mugla governorship continues installing lighting. It must be visited with a guide as it has only a 100 metres length single gallery and 17 metres altitude difference between its entrance and its exit. Stalactites, stalagmites, small water pools in the cave are impressive. The cave has been protected as a natural area and the resting place around its surrounding and flowing Benek Stream with lush greenery just passing through nearby contribute to extra pleasure to the visitors.