Driving to Koycegiz on the main Mugla-Fethiye road, you will find stunning views of Koycegiz Lake.

This exquisite lake fed by the Aegean Sea and by its channels leading to the Dalyan River, enchanting beaches, its history and nature will be offered to you at the same time. Its settlement dating back to 3400 BC will display all its all hospitality. Delicious cuisine that you have never tasted before; accompanied by the sweet state of tranquillity with a slight breeze. Each village or town from Hamitkoy to Zeytinalanı and from Sultaniye to Ekincik will say to you not to go. Do not go, live in peace, tranquillity and happiness until the end of your life.

What about you? Are you ready to make peace with the world and wake up to the first day of  your new life in Koycegiz? 


Where am I?

Smile! You are in Koycegiz. It is an intersection point of Mediterranean and Aegean regions.



The history of Koycegiz dates back to 3400 BC. The first settlement started by Carians and follows respectively as; Scythians, Assyrian, Ionian...


How to get?

You can drive to Koycegiz by following the Mugla-Fethiye highway. It is 750 km away from Istanbul, 610 km away from Ankara and 60 km away from Mugla.


What to eat?

Koycegiz Cuisine offers the insatiable tastes with its wet lands and hundreds of acres of agricultural land with citrus gardens and with fertile Koycegiz Lake.


Where to go?

Koycegiz with its unique beauty of the lake and with full of fragrant citrus groves which spread around the lake from a plain is just 60 km away from Mugla.


What to do?

Koycegiz has fantastic touristic facilities that cannot be found in many of the other touristic destinations.