The Acropolis is located on a high rocky outcrop which is 152 meters above the city of Caunos and containing the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance. Starting from Dalyan Village on the north side of the port  till the steep rock cliffs. The city wall was built at the period of Mausollus. Northwest sides of the city wall belonged to Hellenistic period. The walls extends to he port is from the archaic Era. In the South, South-east and East face of the wall, were very steep; in the northwest and on the western front is pretty steep. A trail that reached from east slope of the theatre, this was only exit to the Acropolis in ancient times. The Trail opens to a terrace above.

The garrison buliding delimits the north terrace and the cistern at the rocky slope on the south must have been built at the medieval times. The ruins indicates that Acropolis was built antique times as they are the terraces which starts from the summit to stretching westward. The Byzantine age terrace walls preserved until today and  the remains of walls which were built by large polygonal blocks in height; on the east side of the lower terrace, which provides entry to the door and a little above the cistern reflect a sign of early ancient periods. The summit looks like a fragile slope descending towards the west. The hill which has a triangulation point is on the east of the plain, the remains of the wall extending from south to north direction and the block slots indicate the presence of an open-air temple within size of 15 X 35 square meters at the summit: it is a cult of Basileus Kaunios under the sky dome.