Menteşe is one of the Turkey's important centre for marble production. The stable provided in marble quarries in Kavaklıdere and Yatagan towns is processed and exported to countries all over the world.

Marble production has developed since 400 BC in Kavaklıdere to use for various industries. Marbles were produced in the area called HYLLARIMA (Derebag) in Kavaklıdere, used in construction of the 3000 capacity-amphitheatre and the other structures in the years of 400 BC. Moreover, processed marble from this area had been sent to to Istanbul and the other cities to construct the buildings since 400 BC.

The marble industry started in Kavaklıdere town by establishing a marble quarry in 1982. The marble quarries in Kavaklıdere, Derebag and Cayboyu areas to continue to process marbles today, 18 marble quarries in total are located in Menteşe. 50 percent of the marble produced in these marble quarries are processed in the factories outside of district.

The major varieties of marble products in Kavaklıdere are Pearl, Newyork, Lilac, world wide known Mugla White, Aegean Silver and Aegean Black. 40 percent of marble reserve in Menteşe is supplied from Kavalıdere. 25 marble factories and 19 marble quarries exist in Kavaklıdere, employing approximately 1000 employees. Economically, 60 percent of the marble products from these areas are sent to Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Iraq, 40 percent of them are sold to the other cities in Turkey. Block marble is exported to Syria, Egypt, Spain and Greece.