Amos was one of the most importantant settlements of ancient Caria, located at Turunc in Marmaris. Many archaeological ruins are spreaded out on top of the sloppy hill. According to the remains, Amos  ancient city  demonstrates the evidence of the settlements dated back from the 2nd century BC.  The fortifications, tower and important administrative structures are well preserved on the north slope. One of three theatres in Amos looking across to Rhodes is in very good condition today. Amos theatre is the only one with preserved the section of skene and orchestra.

Amos ancient city was excavated by Prof. E. George Bean in 1948. He found that four inscriptions stating three different rental agreement terms belong to 200 BC, was revealed.

The works of Environmental regulation and Determine Road Route was made by the contribution of Marmaris Museum Directorate, the municipality of Turunc and the Chamber of Commerce of Marmaris in 2010.