On the way to Erinyolu, if you keep on going to Bozburun Village, you will come across the remains of the ancient city. Today, there is a village named Orhaniye, is established on the remains at the slope of  the hill. The remains of the rampart are found scruffily in the forests. The remains of the castle are still on an island there. Diodorus mentioned that Parthenos who (one of the sisters of Apollon) was rescued by Apollo and brought to Khersonese, was awarded with the Bybassios temple. Relying on the tablet which was found near Golenye by Professor E. Benn; he states that the sanctuary at Castabus belong to Bybassians.

In 2005, a surface research started with the cooperation of Ege University and Winfried Held Chairman from Marburg Phillips University. In 2007, at Bybassios, a geomagnetic survey and ground-penetrating radar were used in order to gain information about the harbour installations at  the north-east harbour area. Researchers found an orthogonal street layout at inland between Oyuklu Hill and Bybassios.

It can be understood that, Bybassios was a harbour city during Archaic and Classic age. The existence of Byzantium ramparts also indicates that it was used as a harbour. It can be considered as a circular planned structure with a room adjacent to abscissa. In other words, it is a Cilician type of church which belongs to the early Byzantium age. The researchers also came across the remains from the Catholic Age.