Iyilik Cliff is an ancient settlement, located in the 95th street behind the Cumhuriyet Square in Marmaris town centre. It was found as a result of the excavations performed by Marmaris Museum Management and Mugla University in 2000. According to excavations, Iyilik cliff is one of the acropolis of Physkos cities and is to be understood that the area is registered as a 1st degree protection area according to the decision of the Mugla Culture and Natural Assets Committee on 23rd February 2001 and with article no 285. It was opened for visitors in June 2005 by Marmaris Museum Management and Marmaris Municipality as the first archaeological park in Turkey.

The remains of Iyilik cliff dated between the 4th century BC and the 4th century AD. Most of all the pieces which are presented at the park belonged to ancient era. It is a unique place for their finds that have not been destroyed in the Caria area. It reflects on the early period of Marmaris as it proved modern Marmaris was established on the ancient Marmaris (Physkos).