Syrna is on Yoncaagız hill 2 km to the north east of Bayır Village on the Bozburun peninsula between Marmaris and Datca. Syrna, is a Luvian or Carian word and the meaning is unknown. According to legend, Syrna is the daughter of the Carian King who married with Podaleirio, the son of Asklepios, commander of the Akhaias army which reined Troia. The king gave them a wedding gift which was Bozburun Peninsula. Podaleiriso established two cities here and gave one of them to his wife, Syrna. But the date of Syrna's establishment and its history are not known exactly due to the lack of excavations and researches.

Syrna became famous with its Asklepios Temple. Today there are some ruins from city walls and some building foundations. The ruins of the city walls and some structure's on the ground can be seen on Yoncaagız Hill. But the location of the Asklepios Temple has not been found.