Competitions are one of the important activities of the festival especially marine and spring festivals.They are organised according to different subjects and becomes entertainment at each festivals. Photography competitions depicting the natural and cultural values, making sandcastles and statues on the beach, the best barman competition, dog beauty contest, handcrafts contest, the best looking garden-balcony competitions, attract the attention of the local citizens. 'Marine' is a subject that has been chosen for the phography competition which is cultural part of the festival. The specialists assessed all the photographs that were taken by the competitiors.

The competition of making sandcastles is organized for everyone. The winners who finish the sandcastles to be awarded various kind of presents. The best looking garden-balcony are competed to be 'the Best of Marmaris'. Besides all these competitions, other new ones were added for 2008. 'Catching fish with fishing rod' competition brought many amateur fishermen together.