Gokova Gulf is located at 30 km north of Marmaris. Those travelling from Istanbul and Izmir to Marmaris are highly acquainted with Gokova Gulf. The high altitude of the area gives the opportunity of marvellous scenery and natural beauty to the visitors. Without fail, every single vehicle travelling to Marmaris stops and has a look at the beautiful scenery of the area. Gokova Gulf is also a frequent destination which is well-liked by the cruise-liners, with its unique bays and history.

If you slope down the hills of Gokova to sea level, the famous Akyaka village will be the first place welcoming you. Don’t pass by without making a brief visit there. The sea in this area is a little bit wavy and blurred but the natural beauty is worth seeing. Akyaka is especially famous for its forests which lodge every tone of green. Trekking is the most preferred activity in the village. You can organize trips to the nearby bays by renting a boat or you can participate in collective trips too.

There are lots of hotels and hostels around Gokova. You can also come across many pretty restaurants on the riverside. Cetibeli Village is on the way to Marmaris and is worth seeing too. This place presents you lovely restaurants. Its nature is amazing. By the way, don’t forget to buy the honey which is sold in the village.