Marmaris has a new park now; it’s an archaeological park in the town centre. The 8,342 square metre area that is known as Iyilik Cliff and  the 2,100 square metre area at the skirt of the clifffs are announced to be a 1st degree protected area and are opened for visiting under the name of Iyilik Cliff Archaeology Park. Archaeological ruins belonged to the 4th century are exhibited at this park. Some other pieces that are thought to be from Ottoman period around Marmaris are also presented here as well.

Ibrahim Aga Mosque in Kemeraltı neighbourhood was built in 1789, Tashan on the way of 10th km of Mugla road and Kemerli Bridge that was destroyed in the 1993 by floods were built in 1552. A woman called as 'Sarıana' who lived in Marmaris, was visited by Suleiman the Magnificent before he went to war with Rhodes. According to a legend regarding her, whole Ottoman army soldiers had been fed with the milk from Sarıana's one and only cow. Her reputation have been spreaded out all territory of Ottoman Empire.  Sariana’s tomb is at Kemeraltı neighbourhood.