Orhaniye is a natural wonder in Marmaris. It is a pathway starting from the shore; its depth is 600 metres into the sea and its width at least 4 or 5 metres. Indeed, this is a sea hill connected to the shore. Along the pathway, the level of the sea will come up to your ankles but the level of sea reaches your knees if you move to left or right.

There are various legends about the formation of this pathway. One of the most known ones is about the pirates' tale. It describes to verify its truth as there is a castle nearby built by the Rhodes knights for the purpose of controlling pirates.

The legend that I like most is that a poor girl who wants to reach her lover fills her skirt with sand and starts moving across the sea by filling the sea with sand to get across, this poor girl carries the sand throughout her life but unfortunately she drowned when she ran out of sand. Just at the beginning point of the shallow water area.