The name of the historical village was known as 'Gırvasıl' (Kır Vasil) before Turkish Republic. Its name was changed to Turkish language and was called 'Orhaniye'. This is a village where the Greeks and Turkish people lived before commutation. The village and its area have been participated to Turkish territory by Anatolian beylik of Mentese, one of Turkish Beylik living in Anatolia at the period of  Anatolian Seljuk. Anatolian beylik of Mentese once fell under the Ottoman Empire's rule, the area was controlled by the Ottoman Empire until 1923 and the establishment of the Republic, was part of the Republic of Turkey. It has been invaded by Italy for 2 or 3 years after World War II. Local people are migratory nomad's descendants. It is not only a tourism centre but also it is possible to meet people from all over the world with different languages and religions today.


The cuisine in village has a typical Aegean-Mediterranean with mainly fish and vegetables. It is possible to observe the properties of the Aegean culture in here.


The village is located in Bozborum peninsula in Marmaris. The structure of the area is formed by fractures and it is one of the most mountainous regions of Turkey.


The village's climate is dominated by the Mediterranean climate. Coniferous pine trees that are commonly seen in the mediterranean and shrubs create a natural plant cover. All kinds of vegetables and fruits are grown because of its climate features.


The village is a producer of famous Marmaris pine honey as well as its economy bases on bee keeping and tourism. Economical inputs comes from 1 marina, 8 restaurants, 10 motels 6 hostels, 3 villa motels, 4 carpentry workshops, metal working shop, hard ware shop, shops and coffee shops. Foreign tourists and local residents are sold domestic products; this makes an economical contribution to the local people.