Although Paradise Island is defined as an island, it is actually a peninsula. The peninsula called Nimara is covered by forests. Paradise Island is situated at the entrance of Marmaris's bay and is a popular place for daily boat tours. Almost every boat trip offers a break there.

If you want to go to Paradise Island, you can make the 8 km journey to come to the region called Liar Strait. From here, you can walk to Paradise Island. A beautiful nature walk is a unique opportunity. Because of this geographic structure of 'Liar Strait’, it resembles a strait so it has been named 'Strait'. Also it has been given the name of 'Liar Strait' that narrated a story based on the captain's ship that ran aground on a stormy night as the captain assumed it was a strait. That's why it has given the name of 'Liar Strait'. It is quite a rocky region. The yacht and gullet workshops are also available in the same area.

The views are spectacular at Paradise Island. There are many nice restaurants and cafes around the island. It is an ideal place to swim. You can spend a full day without getting bored on the island.