All shase of blue along with its sea, its unique natural beauty and most important tourist attraction in Marmaris and Turkey, here is Sedir Island. It is believed that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius one of the great commanders of the Roman Emperor  were greatly in love on that island.

It possesses unique sand, which exists just in two areas in the World. This sand has special features and is composed of carbonate mud which is piled up around a core; the colour of this unique sand contributes to the beautiful colour of the sea which makes the island worth visiting. It is known that this sand can also be found in the Red Sea.

Some precautions have been taken in order to protect this magnificent sand which facinates the tourists.

Besides its natural beauty, the island is covered by olive trees and there are remains of an ancient theatre which dates back to Hellenistic period and Rome. There are also remains of agora and harbour dating back to 1000 BC, the historical artefacts of Dorians, Persians, Romans and the ancient theatre draw the attention of the tourists.