If you can follow the unspoilt coastline from Orhaniye, you can approach Bozburun peninsula. The road is wide and paved. You are in Selimiye after 10 km from the junction of Orhaniye and 7 km way from the junction of Turgut.  It is a place where plenty of yacht cruises stop and blue voyages route between Bodrum-Marmaris. Selimiye Village is set in the beautiful countryside. Sea water is clean, and is usually calm; it does not have a proper beach. The restaurants gather at the edge of the pier and are of high-quality and serve visitors from its vicinity. The menus of the day are mainly fresh fish that is caught daily.

Eternal tranquillity dominates the area. For those who want to make a holiday away from the hustle and bustle, you can find historic ruins around Selimiye. There are 3 ancient castles' ruins in Hydas that was the ancient name of Selimiye. One of the remains is located at the top of its highest hill, the other one is on the hill of Sarıkaya and the last one is Asarkale in Kızılkoy neighbourhood. The ruins of the city walls of the Hellenistic period in the south-east are definitely ones to be visited.

The valuable ruins of the lighthouse that was built for the protection of boats and could be seen 100 meters away from the shoreline to Selimiye, range pole, monastery and a theatre are worth a visit too. Wrecks from the area are exhibited in the Bodrum Underwater Museum. If you are looking for a beach in Selimiye that has a natural harbour that shelters the boats under the stormy weather, you can make your way to 'Sig Liman' (Shallow Harbour) with sparkling sands only 2 km away.

There are many hotels and pensions to accommodate.