Welcome to the beginning of life and the place where time has stood still. This is Muğla. You can see heaven on earth which is one of the most beautiful coasts of Turkey and even the world and the greenest towns.

This is a unique peninsula having 14 districts like Bodrum, Marmaris, Datca, Koycegiz which have succeeded to becoming brands with their own names. For the rest of your life you would like to come back one more time once you have been here. Every season is different, it is a stress free life, and, it is a tracer of unforgettable pleasures. The olive oil is healing, its sea is like an aquarium, and its aqua is a panacea. Its green is an afternoon nap. Its sunset is a joy of love, sea salt remains on your face when sailing whilst receiving the smells of the cool pines cavity when driving.

The most unforgettable moments of your life will start soon. Are you ready for the journey?



Where am I?

Menteşe province is in the south west corner of Turkey and is located in Taurus Mountains foreland system of western Anatolia and rough land of Menteşe area.



The history of Menteşe is located within the boundaries of Caria dating back to 3000 BC.


How to get?

Menteşe is almost equidistance from two international airport, namely Milas-Bodrum and Dalaman airports.


Where to go?

Many of the most important tourism centres of Turkey are connected to the centre of the province of Menteşe.


What to eat?

Menteşe is established on fertile land and desires each taste with the rich and healthy culinary.


What to do?

By staying in Menteşe you can visit historical places and their ruins, great khans, eating in small intimate restaurants