Mugla Museum was used as a criminal's house, later it was restored into a museum. Mugla Museum has 3 main sections and one Art Gallery. The fossils, ethnographic and archaeological artefacts, are offered to the visitors at the Muğla Museum.

There are a large number of ancient ruins and statues there. The most important feature of the Museum of Mugla is the first and only nature history in Turkey. The fossils of proboscidea, giraffidae, suidae and felidae were found at the excavations in Menteşe to be exhibited in the Museum. Besides this, the plant fossils are on display at the natural history section of the Museum. Various traditional items of clothing are exhibited at ethnographic section of the museum for the visitors. Mugla Museum was opened in 1994.

Address: Behind the old court house. Tel: (0252) 214 49 33 Fax: (0252) 241 69 48

It is open everyday between 08.00-17.00 except Monday.