On the tablet which is at the entrance door  of the mosque, “Sahib’ül Hayrat Vel Hasenad Muammiri Batıkzade Hacı Ahmet Ağa” is written. In addition, on the minaret door of the mosque dating back to 1866, “Sahib’ül Hayrat Vel Hasenat Muammiri Köse Ahmet Oğlu Yenik Mehmet” is written. The mosque is place in the centre of Menteşe and it was constructed by an unknown citizen in 1843 without minaret. A minaret was added to the mosque in 1866 by a citizen named Köseoğlu Mehmet Ağa. As the time passed by, the necessary renovations were completed by Kara Hafızoğlu Hakkı Efendi in 1925.