It is located in the city of Menteşe  and has an old traditional structure. The House of Uzbeks are known as the Pilgrim Hamzalar and the house of Ali Rıza Ozbek. The house of Uzbeks was built with soiled roof. It has been restored with wood and roof tiles instead of a soiled roof.
After the missing parts, the walls were restored at the facades of Uzbeks house overlooking the road, outdoor sofas were made by wood and  put inside of the courtyard.    
After cleaning the inside sections of the house, outdated and worn parts have been repaired. The doors and the closets at the top floor were replaced the originality.  Enter to the rooms, 3 arches and wooden pillars are outstanding. Worn parts of the wooden pillars have been restored. Menteşe Municipality expropriated the house in 2005.  Uzbeks Houses have approximately 225 years of history. It was awarded best 'maintained and well presented structure' by the chamber of  Menteşe Architects in 1987.