It is a kind of historical traditional Turkish Bath. When you come to have a bath experience, you can go to a dressing room first.  Everything you need is available in this room. You can leave your belongings and clothes in the room, and wrap yourself with breech cloth.  Then you can make your way to the core stone in the bath that will be waiting for you. This core is the foremost stone of the traditional Turkish bath. One sauna, two private rooms, two showers and thirteen separate basins are available. All of these options are offered to guests.  Whether you want to relax in the private rooms, or perspire in the sauna or enjoy laying on bath stone in the middle or you can ask for peeling. We recommend you that do not go back home without visiting the Vakıflar Bath.
It is approximately 700 years old, (Vakiflar Hamami) which has been restored, serves visitors.