How to get?

Menteşe is almost equidistance from two international airports, namely Milas-Bodrum and Dalaman airports. There are regular scheduled and charter flights from all over the world to Menteşe.

If you want to come to Menteşe, you can fly to Dalaman Airport which is 90 km away from Menteşe and Bodrum-Milas International airport is located 77 km from the centre of Menteşe. Havas shuttles run at certain hours to Menteşe, in parallel with Turkish flights. You can find a taxi Terminal 24 hours of the day outside the airport. Airport rent a car offices are located at the airport and you can get to the centre of Menteşe this way.

By car/by bus

• Approximately 760 km from İstanbul to Menteşe and will take about 11 hours to drive.

• Approximately from Izmir to Menteşe is 213 km and takes approximately 3 hours to drive.

• Approximately 528 km between Bursa and Menteşe and takes approximately 7 hours and 15 minutes to drive.

• Approximately 602 km from Ankara to Menteşe and will take about 8 hours and 43 minutes to drive.

• Distance between Antalya and Menteşe is 319 km, approximately 5 hours 24 minutes to drive.

• The distance between Adana and Menteşe is 919 km, approximately 13 hours to drive.