The ingredients for the inside of the small and large intestine of the  goat : boiled chickpeas, rice or bulgur, mincemeat, tomato paste, pepper and salt. The materials for cleaning intestines: Salt and vinegar. Oil and butter are needed to fry them.

Preparation :

The small and large intestines of the goat are thoroughly cleaned out, wash them water with vinegar at first and then wash them with salty water. If there is membrane it is removed. Wash them thoroughly inside and out again. Reverse the intestines. Rice, mincemeat, salt, tomato paste, boiled chickpeas are prepared separately in a different pot. Fill the intestines with the prepared mix and tie the ends with a thick string. Put all the stuffed intestines into a large cooking pot. Rub and wash 4 times them with salt and vinegar. Fill with cold water just to cook it.