Where am I?

Menteşe province is in the south west corner of Turkey and is located in Taurus Mountains foreland system of western Anatolia and rough land of the Menteşe area. It has insatiable beauties such as the forests covering the mountains and expanding until the seashore and the ruins of early civilizations. The city centre is covered by Karadag, Kızıldag, Masa and Hamursuz Mountains and it spreads over the plain from Hisar Mountain. It has a continental climate influenced by the Mediterranean climate. It is hot and dry in the summer months and is generally rainy and warm in winter. It has usually heavy rainfall in November and March. The average annual temperature is 14.9 Celsius.

'Kuyu Buryanı' within lush green trees provides a cool resting place in Menteşe. It is located in the south east of Menteşe which is 3 km away from the centre and it is reached by the road called 'Irim'. With its cold water, fertile lands, high plane trees, plenty of fruit trees, grapes, vegetables, tobacco, and white-washed houses are worth a visit. It is a kind of natural beauty when the sound of the birds combined with the water pumps connecting to deep and cold water-wells in each houses. The tradition of spending summer months in Plateau is still maintained.