Its name comes from the double-sided ax curving on the keystone that was called 'Labrys' in the ancient times. Axed Door is the north door of the town where the festivals of Zeus Labrondos in ancient times passed through. Double-sided ax 'Labrys' on the keystone of the door that provides an arched door passage, gives its name to the door.  Palmate motifs and architectural embellishments on the door indicates that it belongs to the 2nd century in Hayıtlı street. It is built by smooth cut marbles from Sodra mountain's white marbles. The acanthus leaf decorations on the upper side of the support  wall in the west are similar to the ones at the Gumuskesen tomb monument. Axed Door which is next to the aqueducts was built to transfer water to Milas is one of the most important remains from the antique ages to the present day.