Euromos is 12th km on the way of the Milas- Bafa road and is the most important city after Mylasa  ancient city.  It has today's appearance with the restoration works in 1970. It takes you to its ancient times with the city walls, the temple of Zeus, theatre and its baths. The reason of naming 'Ayaklı' refers to its temple's many columns that still stand out today on Kizilbayir hill's skirt. You will see different names written on each columns by looking at the square frames. It means that each columns were built by different builders. The temple of Euromos was built in the 2nd century, it still stands out today with its 17 columns. The ruins of the theatre encounter you on the slope of the plain. In its early ages it was an independence and powerful city, it was ruled by Mylasa's reign later on. 

Architectural stones, stoneware that have been found at the archaeological excavations in Euromos belong to VI. BC.