With regard to its ancient architecture it is a small sample of Mausoleum which is one of the seven wonders of the world in ancient times to be considered as an important monument.  It is built at  sparkling place of Roman necropolis on Gumuskesen Street, it must belong to a noble person or one of the governors who performed successful services to the city. The tomb of the monument with its magnificent stone masonry and its plans was built during the period of reign of Roman Antonine Dynasty in the 2nd century.  It consists of three section such as the burial chamber in the lower floor, peristillium in the second floor and a pyramidal roof. The walls on the lower floor have been built by smooth carved large marble blocks. The construction of the wall is similar to the technique at Axed Door. The roof of the monument has been decorated by embossing herbal and  geometric motifs. The attempt to enter Gumuskesen's Tomb Monument into the list of 'World Heritage' of UNESCO has started.