They have lived here for 85 million years, who are they? They are Caretta caretta turtles. They are the real owners of Dalyan. They are in habitants of Iztuzu and one of the oldest residents of the Dalyan coasts. Where is Iztuzu? Where is Dalyan? Where is Sarigerme? Which is the paradise of the Aegean? 

Ortaca is not only an attractive tourist centre but also agriculture, trade, craft and small industrial enterprises centers for the region. To get to the kings tombs, the charming wooden boats weave through the reeds on the Dalyan Delta. There is a 7 km-long sandy beach at Sarigerme where you can take a break, discover a paradise on Earth in the Aegean villages with their beautiful natural surroundings. Here is an amazing place for those who like to live in harmony with nature, would you like to be a part of it?



Where am I?

Smile! You are still in a small and unspoiled district in the southern Aegean. You are in Ortaca.



Ortaca is one of the earliest known settlements that belonged to the Persian’s domination in 540 BC.


How to get?

Ortaca is 712 km from Ankara, 865 km from Istanbul and 275 km from Izmir,by road.


Where to go?

Ortaca has rare beauty and unspoilt natural beaches. You will be fascinated by its history and spectacular natural beauty.


What to eat?

Ortaca culinary provides the richest content of Mediterranean style nutrition that combines with the spirits of Aegean.