The Acropolis is established on 152 metres high hill in Caunos ancient city. The walls in the north date back to the middle ages. The city walls starts from the north of the port and lay on steep rocks at the forward parts of Dalyan village.

The northern parts of the walls were built in the Mausollus period. Northwest parts belong to Hellenistic period. The ones close to the port belong to Archaic Period. The path way that can be reached from the slope of the east theatre was the one gate way of Acropolis. The path opens to a terrace .The garrison building forming the border of the north the terrace must have been built in middle ages. The remains of the construction of Acropolis that were made in ancient times starts with the bottom of the peak and ends with terraces on the west. The remains of the construction of its shelter is well preserved today.

It is the early traces of cistern and the remains of the city walls that were made by poligonall blocks on the Byzanthine terraces. The pinnacle looks like a rocky hill leaning towards the west. The wall ruins in the south north direction and the block holes that are found in both the north and the south indicates an open air temple which is 13 x 35m high; A Cult of Basileus Kaunios under the celestial sphere.