Everybody in Ula goes to work by riding bicycles and the tourists that go to Ula can easily find a bike to rent .

The first settlement dates back to 600 BC, the reputation of the 'Ula Houses' spread across the world. Ula is famous for its canyon and market. Visiting the grave of the 14 Kings in the Seven Holes (Yedi Delik) against the breathtaking views of the Gulf of Gokova. The wooden houses of Akyaka won the Agahan Architecture Award for architecture of wooden houses; if you go to Azamak there are freshwater fish that you can watch and feel the peace and tranquility of Ula.

In short, Ula is a unique place with fertile land, smiling faces, and hospitable people. The truth is there are not many places like this in the world.


Where am I?

Smile! You are in Ula. It is one of the charming district in Mugla and is famous for picturesque scenery, fantastic weather, full of bicycles at the streets and the world of famous architecture awarded Agahan's houses.



We don’t have exact knowledge regarding the first settlement date of Ula, but its history dates back to the 6th century BC.


How to get?

If you drive towards Marmaris-Fethiye-Antalya high way from Mugla, it just 3 kilometres away.


Where to go?

Besides the natural beauty of Ula, it carries traces of various civilizations in south west Anatolia for thousands of years.


what to eat

Ula is famous for its garlic when compared to other regions that can be coarse grained Ula garlic is finely grained


What to do?

there are many opportunities to try the local delights, bicycle trails, festivals, culture and arts and crafts stalls, b...